Projects for UMSI UX classes

  • Do you have a tool that needs an evaluation to ensure it meets the needs of your users? 
  • Does your dynamic website need a user experience assessment? 
  • Is there an information problem you’re trying to solve but are unsure of a potential solution? 
  • Do you have an idea for a product that would meet the needs of an aging population or people with disabilities that you need help researching and designing?

If so, the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) is seeking companies and organizations from all industries to propose semester-long projects for students to work on that can address the challenge.

Your organization (business, non-profit, government agency, etc.) can propose a project for a team of students to work on. Organizations interested in hosting a student project should visit the UMSI Client Guide for additional information and key client requirements.

Courses seeking clients

About the courseClient expectations & receivables
SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation

Masters students work with clients to evaluate how well the user experience of their existing product or service meets the needs of its users. This FAQ document answers frequently asked questions from clients about the course and links to sample deliverables from a previous semester. Methods used include: interaction map, user interviews, competitive analysis, survey, heuristic evaluation, user testing.
Clients will give feedback on and receive deliverables for each of these assignments.

Clients are expected to meet weekly with students, connect students with users for user interviews (5 people), survey (50 people), and user testing (5 people).

Clients receive a series of reports and analyses, plus a final video presentation.
SI 682: Advanced User Research in the Field

Masters students will conduct advanced user research methods for information challenges that are early in the product life cycle.
Meet with students, provide feedback, and must provide access to users.

Receive a polished report or presentation of findings.

SI 699: UX Research and Design Mastery Course

Masters students in their final semester will research and design a tool or product, with a focus on accessibility for disabled, and/or aging populations.

Meet with students, provide feedback, and must provide access to users.

Receive a report of research and design.

Other Winter UX Courses and Programs:

Course/Program About the Course/Program

SI 699: Mastery Course Agile Development

Master’s-level graduate students work with clients to identify potential project areas then employ user-centered Agile methodologies to conduct research and develop products, applications, or services.

Design Clinic
Interdisciplinary teams of bachelor’s and master’s students, matched with a professional mentor, collaborate on semester-long projects, acting as consultants by managing projects, scoping deliverables, executing outcomes, and creating a plan for sustainable implementation.

Courses for 2021:

Course/Program About the Course/Program

SI 487: User Experience Final Project

Advanced undergraduate students work through the user experience (UX) process to provide user research and design solutions to clients. Methods used will include user requirements analysis, user research, prototyping, specification gathering, documentation and user experience evaluation.

Explore more student project opportunities here:

To propose a project, complete the form at or email

To learn more about client opportunities with the School of Information, visit

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