Attendees answer the question, what do you want to see from MiUXPA?

MiUXPA Kickoff with Pamela Pavliscak Recap

Many thanks to Pamela Pavliscak and everyone who joined us for our Michigan UXPA chapter kickoff! If you couldn’t join us, here’s a quick peek at what you missed. Check out board member Mike Wojan’s great photos of the event, and read on for a recap from Pamela’s talk.

To accompany the slides, board member Stephanie Haley shares some notable points from Pamela’s talk:

  • Design for emotion
    • All design distilled into delight – not always successful
  • Underlying problem with delight – quickly habituate to things that delight us
  • Behavioral design – all starts with a trigger
    • Most compelling design starts with emotion (boredom, for example – often negative emotions)
  • Emotion 2.0
    • At inflection point with machine learning, affective computing
    • Emotion sensing technology – all big companies have invested in this
  • Paul Ekman’s theory of emotion from 70s – assumption of universal emotions that fall into 5 groups;  all affective emotions built around this
  • Machine recognizes emotion and does something about it
    • Recognizes emotion in a handful of ways
      • Coding of words – positive/negative – detect emotion through text – not exposed (example: Samaritan project)
        • Computational story lab, IBM Watson
      • Vocal – mapped emotion onto voice
        • Being used in customer service
      • Facial expression
      • Physical signals – wearables
        • Concerts – everyone wears to see how people reacting and creates visualization – xoxo
    • Put all these means of detecting emotion all together for use in:
      • Games
      • Therapy
    • More Examples:
      • Moodies app
      • Affectiva
      • Watson – didn’t know what to do with snark
  • Current issues:
    • Why don’t these tools reveal what they’re doing?
    • Don’t consider other factors in the moment
    • Don’t consider intensity of emotions
      • “Emotion is not just a snapshot in time”
    • Do we have the right:
      • Person
      • Permissions
      • Intelligence
      • Relationship – not all tech is the same
      • Relationship to self
      • Value
      • Context
    • Speculative fiction is needed
    • “Emotionally intelligent machines will be the norm in the coming years. Design for emotion will change”

Before the event ended, attendees were invited to share what they thought the Michigan UXPA chapter could bring to our local professional community:

  • Portfolio reviews
  • Design Jams
  • Learn more about UX happenings around the state, especially around Grand Rapids
  • Workshop/event focused on UX soft skills, such as collaborating on UX teams, client relationships
  • Intro topics / essential skills to learn
  • Networking and workshop events for those who are newer to UX / newly graduated
  • Mentorship opportunities for students / new practitioners
  • Participatory design exercises and TED style presentations with members
  • Special interest / project committees

Have another idea? Drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see.

Interested in getting involved with MiUXPA? Add you name to our volunteer list. We’ll let you know about opportunities for involvement and the next round of board elections.

Stay tuned for more information about our next event, tentatively scheduled for September as part of the Detroit Design Festival. Subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to know.

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