Information Architect/User Experience Professional

Capital Area District Library is requesting proposals from qualified vendors for information architecture services as described in the pdf found at The Capital Area District Library will accept proposals until 5 p.m. Wednesday, August 17, 2011. Please contact Sheryl Knox, Technology Director, at with any questions regarding this request.

A selection of information from the RFQ:

Scope of Services

CADL is seeking professional information architecture and user experience (UX) design services to assist us in creating the “blueprint” for a remodeled online branch. We envision the following activities:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the content, functionality, and target audiences that CADL will have already identified and described for the online branch.
  • Categorize and label content and tasks in a user-centric architecture.
  • Create a navigation system.
  • Create a strategy for improving search.
  • Create one or more wireframes for the architecture and navigation.
  • Test the wireframe(s) with users.
  • Based on user feedback, improve and finalize wireframes.
  • Create specifications and documentation to be used for engaging a web development firm to
    create the online branch.
  • Provide input into the selection of an appropriate Content Management System (CMS). (CADL
    staff is currently engaged in an evaluation process.)
  • Depending on outcome of CMS selection, potentially create a taxonomy in support of the


Your proposal must include:

  • A description of the firm including contact information, history, size, range of services, and volume of work.
  • Identification of the principal in charge for our project and any other staff proposed for work on it, setting forth roles and responsibilities, including the resume of the principal.
  • Using the size and complexity of our current web presence as a guide for the scale of the project, a proposal outlining your recommended plan of action addressing all of the envisioned activities in Scope of Activities above. As a budget-stretching measure, your recommendations as to the degree to which your firm will perform these activities vs. guide CADL staff in performing or assisting with activities should be included in your proposal.
  • Estimated fees, showing details as to how they are calculated. (Proposed activities, number of hours per activity, hourly rate, expenses, etc.)
  • List of similar work your firm has conducted. Include at least 3 references that can provide information on your firm’s work during the past two years.

For more information and to apply, please visit the online posting (pdf).

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