“A Case Study for Focusing on the User Experience”

March 19, 2008

SPEAKER: Barb Hernandez, User Experience Manager at TechSmith
Refresh Detroit, an organization with whom the Michigan UPA frequently collaborates, is holding a meeting on March 19th that is definitely of interest to the usability community.

What can you do when conversion rate is flat? TechSmith is a trialware company by nature, so measuring how many people download, try and actually purchase our software is the best measure of conversion and success.

We know that the thousands – dare I say millions of users who own SnagIt can’t live without it and tell us how it has changed the way they communicate with people. So what were we missing, why were we not getting the conversion rate we wanted? Learn about how we focused on the user experience, what we did, and how the changes impacted the conversion rate.

For full details, visit the Refresh-Detroit site.