Relaunching MiUXPA Survey

This past March we asked members for their feedback so that we can better serve the Michigan UX community. Our survey was answered by 65 members of the MiUXPA community, located all across the state (as seen below).

Professional UX Level pie chart. Student–9%, Aspiring UXer–5%, junior–5%, mid–22%, senior–25%, executive–13%, N/A–22%

Our Community

Our community is made up of professionals in many different UX roles with over 25% of respondents having two or more UX roles within their position and over 30% considering themselves to be UX generalists.

Our Location

Map of Michigan with location markers on the cities that MIUXPA members are

According to our respondents, the Michigan UXPA community includes individuals from all across Michigan’s Lower Penninsula. The east side of the state features some of the most common locations of our members, with over 30% of respondents located in Ann Arbor, and over 25% in the Metro Detroit area. Many of our community members are located in the Greater Lansing area and Grand Rapids as well.

Our Interests

We found that over 75% of our community is interested in seeing more stories surrounding UX in our newsletter, with a large interest in job postings and global events as well. These findings helped motivate our recent newsletter content, including our current series Michigan Women in UX and our featured job postings in each newsletter. 

Our Events

As far as future events, our respondents are interested in a variety of content with over 80% interested in having featured speakers, social events and participating in workshops and conferences.