Walk & Tour Recap

We had a great Detroit Month of Design event on September 6th: our sold-out Architecture Walk & Experience Design Tour!

Introductions in the cafe. Photo by Olga Stella, Design Core Detroit.

Fifty people started out meeting each other and having a great lunch at the Detroit Opera House’s Cadillac Cafe.

Discussion on stage about how production design and performance affect user (audience) experiences.

One group toured the opera house, learning about theater design & architecture, acting, directing, costumes, makeup, and more. A few examples of the topics covered:

  • How a theater building itself contributes to the user experience of a show
  • How the type of stage affects set design, directing, and acting
  • How a director anticipates and solves problems on behalf of the audience
  • Accessibility issues related to lighting and sound
  • The “best seat in the house”: it depends
  • How the rehearsal process parallels the UX development process

Dan Brinker, Technical Director of the DOH, and Larry Rusinsky led the discussion. Larry posted pictures and comments on Facebook.

Dan Klyn starts the architecture walk outside the Opera House.

Dan Klyn led the architecture walk around parts of downtown Detroit. Discussion examples:

  • Boundaries, contributing to certainty or ambiguity
  • Pace layers, the uneven application of governance
  • Spatial primitives, geometric shapes and light
  • Good fit, emerging form in response to new forces
  • Channels, connectivity between touchpoints

Dan has shared pictures of the key stops on the walk and his discussion guides.

Thanks to many individuals and organizations who helped make this happen! Dan Klyn & Larry Rusinsky, Michigan Opera Theater, Dexterity UX & The Understanding Group, and Design Core Detroit.