Beyond the Heat-map: The Future of Eye Tracking

Jon West, Director of Marketing and Opportunities for LC Technologies, Fairfax, Virginia

Tuesday, January 14, 6:00pm
Cengage Learning
27500 Drake Road
Farmington Hills, MI, 48331


Come to see, touch, and learn about/or get updated on eye tracking. The speaker will cover the evolution and current state of eye-tracking technology; its broad uses, which include medical, usability, and market research; and predictions for the future with robots, cell phones, and other devices.

Perhaps the most important reason eye tracking will play an ever more crucial role in human computer interactions is that our eye activity is driven by subconscious processes in our brain. By providing insights into cognitive brain activity, monitoring eye movements has significant potential to help programs interact with people in a more natural way.

About the Speaker

Jon West is the Director of Marketing and Opportunities for LC Technologies located in Fairfax, Virginia. Over the last decade, Jon has directed company development efforts for several companies in the Washington, DC, area, ranging from financial investment firms to high-tech engineering companies.

LC Technologies is passionate about building the world’s best eye-tracking hardware and software solutions. Founded in 1986 with the goal of creating an unobtrusive human-computer interface that will revolutionize the way humans interact with computers and devices, LC now operates in 40 countries. Their eye-tracking systems are hands-off, unobtrusive, remote human-computer interfaces that provide highly accurate gazepoint prediction.


6:00pm Food, networking, and eye-tracker demo/hands-on
6:50pm Opening remarks and announcements
7:00pm Presentation
7:50pm Q&A and more demos


UxPA, CHI, and STC members $10.00
Full-time nonworking students $5.00
All Others $15.00


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