UX Specialists and Web Designers

Scoresby Interactive has a growing need for UX specialists and, to a lesser extent, web designers (graphic artists) to work on a wide range of projects across the U.S. and Canada. I’m reaching out to a few people I know to see if you might be aware of anyone who might be interested. If so, please forward this information on to them.

For at least the next 6-9 months, opportunities will likely be sporadic, so they might not be something that one would quit his/her “real” job for. But they are good for supplementing one’s income, for stay-at-home parents, and/or for people who are already consulting in the UX space. Here are a few specifics:

  • We design web sites, employee tools, B2B portals, intranets, etc. for large and mid-sized companies in all kinds of industries. Currently, however, we are focusing on growing our Employee Productivity Group.
  • Immediate needs are in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries, so experience researching and designing in these spaces is a plus.
  • There are opportunities for both client-facing consultants and behind-the-scenes support personnel.
  • Consultants work directly with clients with varying degrees of autonomy and leadership, depending on experience and demonstrated ability.
  • Support personnel assist consultants by rendering sketches, creating/proofing test reports, etc. – also with varying degrees of autonomy depending on experience and ability.
  • The majority of work is done from home, though consultants in leadership roles may need to travel for 1-2 days now and then to kick off projects, conduct an on-site study, etc. Travel is paid, of course.
  • All contractors provide their own tools, but typically the Microsoft Office suite is sufficient.
  • Time commitments vary, but most projects average about 20-30 hours per week for consultants, and 10-20 hours per week for support personnel.
  • Projects can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months.
  • Pay can vary depending on the contractor’s role, the expertise level, and the project.

Interested parties can send resumes to jobs@scoresby.com or they can contact me directly at the email address below. Thanks!

Dr. Kevin Scoresby, President
Scoresby Interactive

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