Michigan UPA 2011 Board Elections Call for Nominations

How would you like the opportunity to steer the direction of the Michigan chapter of the Usability Professionals’ Association? We have just the opportunity for you: run for one of our board positions or volunteer for one of our committees! We have five leadership opportunities:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Events Director
  • Secretary

and two volunteer committees:

  • Events
  • Outreach

Election Details

  • Chapter elections will be held in November.
  • Terms are 13 months and run from December 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012.
  • You must be a Usability Professionals Association member prior to running for election (note: Michigan UPA sponsors the membership of its board members).
  • As an officer, you will commit to an average of five to fifteen hours each month.
  • If you’re interested in running for a board position, submit a brief biography, photo, and statement (500 word maximum) and tell us why you are the best candidate for the position. Submit your nomination to secretary@michiganupa.org by October 31, 2011.
  • Have questions about running for the board? Contact Michael Beasley or any Michigan UPA officer.

Volunteer Committees

Volunteers are critical to the success of our outreach and events. As a volunteer, you’ll:

  • Work with board members
  • Gain valuable experience while maintaining a lower level of commitment
  • Commit one to five hours each month

Ready to volunteer? Contact Michael Beasley or any Michigan UPA officer. Note: you don’t have to be a Usability Professionals Association member to become a Michigan UPA committee volunteer.

After elections, we’ll get our committees organized and ready to go for 2012.

Officer Role Descriptions

Below are the duties of specific board positions. Board members are expected to have a position on one or more of the committees, such as Events. In addition to the specific activities listed below, officers attend a board meeting once a month.


  • Ensure smooth operation of chapter by delegating tasks (including any of the following) and following up
  • Be the primary point of communication with UPA and other professional organizations
  • Complete annual chapter report
  • Call officer meetings

Vice President

  • Fill the president’s role when the president is unavailable or incapacitated
  • Prepare to fill the presidency in a future term


  • Oversee chapter funds
  • Complete annual chapter financial report
  • Develop chapter budget
  • Report financial status of chapter to board

Events Director

  • Coordinate the Events for MI UPA with the assistance of the Events Committee
  • Coordinate and run the Events Committee and post minutes on the wiki
  • Communication for events
  • Post events to the Google UX calendar
  • For each event, the Director and Committee members:
    • Find a Speaker
    • Find a Host
    • Find a Sponsor (hopefully the Host) for food
    • Prepare description of the event with assistance from the Speaker
    • Promote the event by posting on MI UPA website, sending out announcements, posting of public forums, coordinating mailings with the secretary
    • Create online registration for the event (currently using Guestlist)
    • Prepare for the event by printing nametags and attendance lists
    • Attend event and assist with setup and take down, which can include room arrangement, speaker setup of computer/projector, food, and sign in.
    • Send out follow up thank you messages to host(s) and speaker(s), update website posting


  • Ensure chapter’s compliance with chapter and UPA bylaws
  • Propose changes to bylaws to reflect changing chapter needs
  • Take and post notes for monthly board meetings
  • Manage email newsletter. Design, write, test and publish three newsletters each month
  • Maintain social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn with regular postings and engagement on usability related news, activities and MI UPA events
  • Manage MI UPA website (oversee Outreach committee members). Upgrade as needed, review posts, update and maintain information.

Immediate Past President

  • Provide advice to board members
  • Ensure continuity of organizational memory


Each committee consists of a chair either from the ranks of the board or a chapter member appointed by the board, and one or more committee members from the board and the chapter membership.


  • Plan and coordinate events (more details described in Event Director responsibilities)


  • Update and maintain website
  • Public relations
  • Manage email newsletters, write content, create newsletter, publish newsletter

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