Recap: Do Better Design Reviews

Attendees at the meetingWhen you solicit feedback on a design, people are often afraid of hurting your feelings and may not give you the feedback you really need. How can you solicit useful feedback in an efficient way?

Davin Granroth from Convenant Eyes led an exciting and informative workshop on design reviews. He kicked off the meeting with a description of the technique, and then demonstrated it briefly with
some members of his team. We then divided into three groups to review three different designs that people had brought to the workshop.

A design review consists of three phases:

  1. The designer explains the design
  2. The designer steps back and leaves the conversation entirely whilethe moderator leads a discussion of what works and what doesn’t work in the design. The designer takes notes.
  3. The designer returns to the conversation to echo back what he or she heard during the design review to make sure it was captured properly.

To learn more, Davin has a longer write-up about his design review model on his blog. You can also hear him discuss this technique on the Design Critique podcast.

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