User Experience Specialist (Cengage Learning, Farmington Hills)

As a User Experience Specialist in the central User Experience team of Learning & Research Solutions you will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to create solutions that are more valuable because they solve problems critical to users’ success in academic, library, and professional settings.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Document and maintain user experience methodology and design standards.  Regularly communicate with all members of the user experience team to identify, gather, edit, and distribute templates, patterns, style guides, and other best practices
  • Work with solution strategists to design new solution concepts for most advanced yet acceptable (MAYA) user experience: one that helps to establish new, improved workflows while establishing consistent presentation and branding standards
  • Conduct usability evaluations including heuristic evaluations, one-on-one usability studies, competitive benchmarking, and similar research
  • Participate in recruitment activities for user study participants including: developing criteria, creating questionnaires, making calls, tracking progress, and preparing forms
  • Participate in end user research and concept development including contextual inquiries, persona and scenario development, and ideation sessions
  • Design mockups, wire frames, and clickable prototypes for rapid, iterative user interface improvement
  • Review information architecture and make recommendations for changes to improve the user experience, and increase usage and relevancy of results
  • Works with solutions strategists and business analysts to convey user-centered designs to technology.


  • Knowledge and experience in usability evaluation, research, and design methods with a focus on human-computer interaction for Web products
  • Experience working with end-users, customers, marketing, product management and developers. Communicates very well verbally and enjoys speaking with people
  • Sensitivity to the physical, cognitive, emotional, environmental, social, and cultural needs of the people who interact with Cengage Learning solutions
  • Ability to work effectively in a multifunctional team and to adapt to changes in business, product, organization, or individual needs
  • A BA/BS or greater degree in Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Psychology, Information Architecture, or equivalent discipline is required. MA/MS is preferred
  • A user experience portfolio showing examples of design direction, creative process, research strategy, or equivalent user experience accomplishment is a plus
  • Expertise in accessibility, findability, or information architecture a plus

More information can be found at the online job posting.

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