Recap: Overlappings and Underpinnings: Content Strategy and Information Architecture

In his presentation to Michigan Usability Professionals February 10, 2011, Chris Moritz of Campbell-Ewald proposed “information architects and content strategists can create the same deliverables. The difference is what you spend the bulk of your time on.”

Thanks Chris for a great presentation and for posting your slides online. Here are my notes from his talk:

  • What everyone thinks content creation is:
    • create
    • review
    • approve
  • What content creation actually is:
    • audit
    • analyze
    • strategize
    • categorize
    • structure
    • create
    • review
    • approve
    • publish
    • update
    • archive
  • Some people argue that information architecture and content strategy are:
    • the same
    • completely different
    • partners
    • redundant
  • There is no single way to do information architecture and content strategy; it depends on the project.

Chris shared a chart used in Campbell-Ewald projects to define responsibility for tasks and deliverables:
How tasks are divided between information architects, content strategists and content marketing

Additional notes

  • Focus your content creation by developing strategic pillars.
  • What’s different between information architects and content strategists? Content strategists need to know more of what’s going on page(s).
  • Information architects define structure. Content strategists define mass. Creatives define surface.
  • Ensure continuity between information architects and content strategists by having them report to same person. If it’s a small project, have one person manage content strategy and information architecture.
  • Good resources for content strategy and writing:

Posted by Deborah Edwards-Onoro, an officer for Michigan Usability Professionals’ Association since 2008. She owns Lireo Designs, a web development company, is a group leader of Refresh Detroit and Tweetea. You can find her tweeting about usability, user experience, accessibility and higher education @redcrew.

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