Alarming Usability: Optimizing the Design of an Alarm Clock

June 28, 2007

Set your alarm for the next Michigan Usability Professionals’ Association meeting—you won’t want to miss it! Join us for a lively progression featuring the results of the Alarming Usability event held last month at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

After refreshments and networking, the new chapter president, Mike Beasley, will briefly describe the event and reflect upon the unique challenges of usability testing in a public place. Then, be part of the fun as we move table-to-table for a detailed look at the five alarm clocks that we tested. We’ll share each clock’s test results, swap alarm clock tales, and examine the clock’s design. Bring your best (and worst!) alarm clock stories (heck, bring the alarm clock, too!) for this fun and interactive meeting.

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