MiUPA 2006 events

November 14, 2006

World Usability Day for Michigan

A full day of free workshops and presentations on the topics of usability and accessibility as they relate to everything from web sites to automobiles.

  • Live Web Site Evaluations (Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus)
  • Community-based user research (Jeff Grabill)
  • New Communication Technology for the Deaf (Christopher Hunter)
  • Vehicle Order Management Usability (Chad Esselink)
  • “Products for People” Podcasts (Tim Keirnan and Tom Brinck)
  • Driver Distraction Research (Paul A. Green)

August 16, 2006

Survey of User Interface Prototyping Tools

Brian Phelps, Pfizer.

August 9, 2006

Obsession: Finding the Sympathetic Heart of Design

Tom Brinck, Creative Director, A9.com.

June 27, 2006

SnagIt 8 – The Challenge of (Re)designing a Successful Product, TechSmith Corp.

Balancing your product’s user experience between ease of use, the ability to discover its capabilities and creating an overall positive response is a tall order, but when you get it right, the payback is worth the effort.

May 18, 2006

Usability Practitioners and Technical Communicators–Kindred Spirits?

A panel of four speakers discussing how usability and technical communication intersect, overlap, or occasionally have areas of contention

  • Mary Jane Northrop, Enlighten
  • Gina Tecos, Usability Engineer at Compuware Corporation
  • Laurie Kantner, Director of Client Services at Tec-Ed, Inc.
  • Timothy Keirnan, Jackson National Life Insurance

February 20-23, 2006

Internet User Experience 2006 conference

A conference spotlighting methods for dramatically improving today’s web site user experience.

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