Holiday Party 2020

Michigan UXPA is excited to host a free Community Holiday Party, Thursday, December 17, 6-8pm, on a fun, new platform called Wonder.

We invite experienced UX professionals, current UX practitioners, and anyone interested in UX to attend. We currently have over 100 people registered.

Pop in for just a few minutes to say hello, or settle in for the whole 2 hours.

Who is joining us

Communities who will be participating (with examples of their invitations): Michigan Automotive & Mobility UX (Meetup), STC-MGL (Twitter), Ladies that UX Detroit, Detroit UX (Meetup), Ignite UX Michigan, and Ann Arbor UX Happy Hour (Facebook). Detroit Design Network members will be also joining us.

Other groups are inviting their members to hang out at the party.

If YOU are going to talk about the holiday party before, during, or after the event, use the #MiUXparty hashtag (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn).

Wonder-ing how it will work?

Screen shot of Wonder, with video chat across the top and discussion circles below.

After registering at Eventbrite, you will get details about our party on the Wonder platform.

To participate in the party, open Chrome, set up your computer camera/mic, and join us on Wonder to reconnect with colleagues, meet new people, and learn about our UX communities without the spreading of small liquid particles.

On Wonder, you will create an avatar and move around in our virtual space. Navigate to the welcome area, pick a themed area to join a small group video chat, or start a 1-on-1 video session with a colleague.

Wonder works best in the Chrome browser on a Mac or Windows computer, with a camera and microphone enabled. iOS devices using Safari also work, but not as well.

Our “room” for the holiday party will have different “themed areas” that you can navigate to depending on your interests.

A screenshot of the Wonder room for the party, showing different themed areas.

Some areas are geographic (“Ann Arbor”) while others feature specific communities (“Ignite UX Mi”) or general topics and related groups (“Writing & STC”).

We expect “circles” of conversations to break out in the themed areas, but you can start a video session anywhere you want on any topic you want. Or no topic at all. Just “bump” into another person, say hello, and go from there.

The “Welcome” area in the middle is a good place to start to see the whole space and to talk with the hosts to get a sense of what is going on.

The list of participants is in the upper right corner and you can have text chats with individuals, people in your current circle, or everyone at the party.

How to register

FREE, but registration is required at Evenbrite.

Registrants will gain access to the Eventbrite “online event” page with all technical details on how to participate and the link to our holiday party space on Wonder. You will get email reminders on 12/17.

Code of Conduct

By registering, you agree to our Code of Conduct. We hope to create an environment in which diverse individuals can interact in a positive and affirming way, such as being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind, such as offensive comments, sustained disruption of discussion, or threats of violence.